Schoolies booking information on renting a holdiay home on the Great Ocean road

Schoolies accommodationYes! We do rent holiday properties for schoolies.

Surf Coast Holiday Rentals Rental Conditions - 20th November till 15th December.

All applicants will be assessed subject to the letting criteria contained herein.

This Letting Policy is effective for all Holiday Rentals in the period specified. All applicants will be assessed subject to the letting criteria contained herein.

Surf Coast Holiday Rental Conditions - 20th November till 15th December

  1. Security deposit to be lodged with SCHR for $1000 via bank cheque/money order/ for the tenancy period.
  2. In addition to the above, minimum two unconditional guarantors for the property must be lodged with SCHR for the property booked that are parents of a minimum of two tenants.
  3. Management fee of $200 per week or part thereof of stay to be paid directly to SCHR. $50 Booking & $50 Misc Fee applies.
  4. No refund for cancelled or terminated bookings.
  5. * Only registered tenants permitted after 9pm any night onto the property. If any persons other than registered tenants are invited on the property then the total bond of $1000 will be forfeited. Also tenants will be evicted on the spot if damage is found.
  6. * No illicit drugs to be brought onto the property or persons under the influence of same to be allowed onto the property. If found, Police will be notified as well as both guarantors
  7. * Under age drinking not permitted on the property. If found, Police will be contacted as well as both guarantors.
  8. * Neighbours of the rented property will be advised of the tenancy and asked to contact SCHR reporting any alleged disturbance. If, on attendance by SCHR the claim by neighbours is substantiated, then a $100 call out fee will be deducted from bond monies held.
  9. *No parties or gatherings of people who are unregistered tenants after 9pm. Penalties and eviction applies. See above “5”.
  10. * Noise/music at all times of the day to be kept to acceptable levels.

* Important Note: The management of SCHR reserve their right to terminate the tenancy immediately if any of the above conditions listed above, as well as any unforseen circumstance that may cause a loss to the Property Owner of the property, SCHR, SCHR employees or the general public.

No refund available for cancelled or terminated booking/s.

SCHR respects the privacy of all their clients. All private information retained by SCHR will only be used for the purpose of client holiday booking. No information will be on-sold to any third party for advertising or database usage.

Download the Application form to be complete for all rentals between 20th Nov till 15th Dec. Download Application Form

Bond Policy

  • Security Bond to be lodged with SCHR and will be held until end of the tenancy.
  • Inspection will be completed at 10am on day of check out and a written report issued.
  • Bond refund will be sent via mail to the person who booked the property within 14 days. Refunds by cheque only.

For more information see our Terms and Conditions Page. Click Here