Information for Property Owners

  • Is there a difference to the amount of rental for my property if I list my property close to the summer peak?†

There most certainly is. I would say that the later a property is listed in the year reduces the amount of nights that the property will be rented. Guests commence looking for holiday properties whilst they are staying over the Summer Peak for the following Summer Peak. Our booking diary remains open at all times.


  • When are we paid for a holiday rental tenancy?

All holiday tenancies are paid after the end of the month. The payments will be made into your nominated bank account by the middle of the following month. This means that if a tenant leaves on the 29th of the month then this will be paid by the middle of the following month. Even if a tenant vacates on say the 1st of the month the payment will still be made by the middle of the following month.


  • How are we to be paid?

Surf Coast Holiday Rentals pays directly into your nominated bank account and a monthly statement will be sent out to your nominated mailing address. End of financial year statements are normally sent within 10 working days in July.


  • Do we need to have insurance cover?

YES! You will need to contact your insurer to ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover Public Liability, Building & Contents. If your current insurer has objections to cover under your normal household policy, we do have insurance brokers that do provide insurance cover for holiday properties. Please make contact with our office for further details.


  • How many weeks will our property be rented?

Generally speaking, we are normally fully booked for the period of 2 weeks from Boxing Day, around 60% full for the following 2 weeks and then up to around 90% full for the Australia Day week/end. Properties that are located close to beachís, shops, ocean views, air conditioned or large sleeping capacity are generally rented for periods longer than 2 weeks over the summer break up to the maximum of 5 weeks.


  • Who does surf coast holiday rentals rent to?

Our base guests placed into properties are family groups with a mix of couples and children.


  • Do we normally rent from saturday to saturday?

Over the Summer Peak, our minimum is a 7 night stay. As there is around 25-30 nights to let in the Summer Peak we do accept bookings of nights greater than 7. Tenants vacating a property on any day of the week is not a concern for us as we have many potential tenants seeking to commence when a property becomes available rather than on a Saturday. If a property is available in January and we are only a few days away from the property being vacant, we will look at a shorter period than 7 days and run this by you for approval.


  • What is the average number of people per booking?

As we really look for family groups, the average booking has been 6.3 people per stay over the last 4 years.


  • How can I check how many bookings for my property?

Our website is around 95% accurate and your bookings will show on the property calendar. At anytime you may email with a request for booking details and this will be returned promptly. You also may call our office however as we near the peak times our phone system and team are sometimes jammed with potential guests wanting to book properties. If an urgent response is needed, please call our office.


  • How long do people generally book for?

People who book properties for the Summer Peak generally book for longer periods when they are searching for properties between Easter and September. The average in this period is around 10 nights. People booking after football finals in most cases are looking for the minimum stay of 7 nights. At Easter we have a minimum of 4 night stay. Corporate Clients as well as most people with involvement for the Rip Curl Pro are normally 2 week bookings. All weekends outside of peak times are a 2 night minimum.


  • How much deposit do we take for a booking?

For peak season bookings we ask for $500 per letting week. For bookings for a weekend we generally seek 50% of the booking. If a booking is to commence within 7 days we generally seek full payment at the time of booking.


  • What is the normal check in/out times?

For peak season rentals there is no late check out. Check In occurs from 2pm onwards for guests. Check Out is strictly by 10am. We do have key drop facilities at our offices for early Check Outís. Non peak times we try to assist guests check out as close to the normal times however we do negotiate with property owners should a request be forthcoming from the guest.



Most certainly. Our list of service providers are there for your use and feel free to arrange with them any need you may have or advise us if you require any work performed. It is sometimes easier to go direct if you have a very specific need. Our list has been screened so providers on this list do return calls, are very fair on price and offer a very good standard of service. If you at anytime have feedback it is much appreciated so we may monitor our list.


  • What marketing and advertising do you do?

We run an ongoing PR campaign to ensure maximum visibility of the site within the Travel and Internet media. We advertise on all major holiday rental Portals including.


We promise to promote your property and guarantee throughout the coming year.


  • What advertising do you have planned?

As part of our marketing strategy, and to help you sell your property, at key times in the year we advertise in various broadsheets and on the internet. We also pay for premium positions on the Google search engine. We have a simple aim for - To make it the biggest, the most user friendly and the most professionally run holiday letting site on the web and we'd like you to come and join us.


  • Can you tell me what my rental property is worth.

We can give you an estimate of what your property is worth as a holiday rental.Click here for a free market appraisal


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You may write to us, email us or pick up the phone or call into to one of our two locations. We are especially keen to hear your feedback about the site and how it can be improved. Your continued input is greatly appreciated.

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